I am just bringing myself and I am not here to compete with anybody.

I am here to make sure I do the right things in the pitch and make sure I am ready to help my teammates.

And also, what I have learnt outside to be able to put together so that we would be a strong team.

I want us to focus on things that are very necessary in our very own home, we are not going to look outside other teams.

We need to know we are playing for Hearts of Oak and that Hearts of Oak is a big team that everybody would like to play

I play everywhere in the midfield and that will depend on the coach. Salim, Asubonteng, Awako and the rest including the ones who play behind and in the upfront. The most important thing is we should be a team it doesn’t matter who plays the left back, right back we come together that is why we say team we put ourselves together we win we play good football we enetertain the fans that’s what basically we want to do but we have good players

team hearts of oak

At the moment we are on the fifth position and we want to play good football to be able to climb to the top

As I said earlier we are not going to look into someone’s home we are just going to train and focus on our matches

My message to the fans
We are phobia we never say die until the bones are rotten and I can relate to that we always appreciate what they do even when I wasn’t a player of Hearts of Oak I saw how passionate they were and we would encourage them to always come to the stadium to cheer us up and we promise we won’t let them down and we will do our best to always make them happy and entertain them. Follow us on youtube KAAKYIRE TV and strongheartsgh.com for more update


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