SECRETS BEHIND VICTOR AIDOO’S PENALTY KICKS can confidently say that, Accra Hearts of oak striker, Victor Aidoo is the No.1 spot kicker in Ghana now.
According to the striker, Victor Aidoo, ‘in Ghana here, all the suppoerters are coaches so anytime I get a penalty, before I take a kick, I only have to think of letting the ball hit the back of the net.

The ball hitting the net is the most important thing I need but not the power. So all my focus is on how the ball will hit the net. Since there is a goalkeeper in the goal poles, if I pick the ball, I think of chosing a direction.

There should be something that will force the ball into the net; that is the power, which is my style and I learnt it from Samatex. If the goalkeeper gets the direction and saves it, it is the same because I can’t think for him’.
Credit: TV3

Victor told that, all they (the players) need from us the suppoerters is prayers and our support behind them whether good or bad


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