Dear Sir,

Mr Harry Zakour, I hope all is well with you. I saw your post๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘on social media this morning in various captions.

In one caption you have lauded our rivals for a good transfer policy when they themselves admit they are yet to get a transfer policy. In fact, it is not up for debate as to which club had the best recruitment policy .

We were ranked the best in the just ended transfer recruitment and the first round as well. We landed the best player of the league as at second round as well as the best coach in over the last three seasons.

Our junior team stands as the most potent junior team in the country supplying not less than six players to the senior side. Whatever that you describe as a mafia, I don’t know, but certainly it doesn’t look like a very respectable word that we deem fit to associate with.

Now, I will want to advise you personally about it on your outpours . On many occasions you have been coming out on social media to offer solutions and suggestions to the current leadership on how to run the club which I think is not appropriate .

I will therefore suggest to you to meet his Royal Majesty (Togbe Afede and his board to make your humble suggestions rather than addressing on air by pissing-in on social media when the doors are not locked in front of you .

You personally know Togbe and I know no grudges exist between you and him.

Togbe was a board member during your era who, with others, gave you backbone to achieve all the success that came your way. Something you admit you couldn’t have done single-handedly.

Togbe is not a stranger who came from another country or space or Mars or from nowhere to procure majority shares in hearts of oak.

We gave you all the support needed and required during your time to succeed and I am not sure your prayer is to see Togbe Afede and his board fail.

We have seen the good works of the current board and we have no reason not to support them to succeed just as we did for you.

If your recent pronouncements on radio and on social media are not actuated by malice then, I encourage you to do the needful.

Thank you .

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