NCC Chairman Mr Elvis Herman Hesse Jnr. Advice to the phobia front
_Unity!! Unity!! Unity!!_

“Good morning fellow Phobians! At this point what we need is Unity and togetherness to continue our good form. Everyone plays a role to ensure the Club is successful. From Board to U the Supporter who attends matches to shout and support. When we win a match or two, quickly then we begin to claim glory. Some say it is their Juju that has worked but the moment we loose then the blame goes to only Board, Management and Players or Ncc.
Let’s Unite our front as supporters and stop cracking heads.
I was very instrumental in Nurudeen coming to Hearts. In fact myself Alhaji and Frank. I remember meeting Osekre at one of the famous hotels in East Legon. I drove him from Madina to his first training session in Pobiman. Same as Nettey. In fact, Coach Odoom made me to call him each and every day to beg him. Many of such stories untold bcos it doesn’t really matter who brought who? What matters is the Unity and togetherness to Win the league which has eluded Us for some years bcos we always divided. We supporters are now dividing Ncc, Management and now Board members but without Unity amongst the aforementioned the Team suffers.
Congratulations to the Coach, the Players and all of U. May the Almighty Allah continue to bless U and Unite Us. 🙏🙏🙏”
(By Elvis Hesse Herman)
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