Lawane Mamane’s Manager made a request to Accra Hearts of Oak Management to fly his player to Lebanon for medical treatment and was granted

The information gathered from Lawane Mamane’s Manager which was sent to the club to unable the player fly out is found below:

Good evening Sir,
With reference to our phone conversation, and as at your request, I would like to inform you that the cost of the surgery if needed is of an average of 6000 USD more or less depending on the player’s injury in addition to the physiotherapy sessions and the Hotel accommodation and food and transportation, plus the insurance and the formalities and the COVID test. Infact I could not get an exact amount, details will be known after diagnosis and during the stay of the player. What I can expect is that the all over expenses may not exceed 10, 000$. If no surgery needed, things will be much easier of corse. The period of stay of the player is expected between three(3) weeks and one(1) month depending of the recovery process.
I am available for any information regards
I have send this letter to your email.

This is exactly what got from management of Accra Hearts of Oak, as the feedba to Management from the manager as the supposed response sent from a hospital in Lebanon.

Management objected to it and told him that they cannot work with him with it due the following seasons:

1. It is not on a letterhead
2. No name of the hospital
3. No doctor’s name or signature
4. No addres of where he will be staying.

There was no way we were going to let our player travel to Lebanon base on this info.
We got this after 4 weeks of waiting. Now this same manager turned around and tell us its been 9 weeks. Didn’t he also took part of the time he was referring to?

This is the truth about the Lawali injury issues. Stay tuned for more info .
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