I thought I advised that we should cross check issues before making statements which destroy individuals and ultimately the club.
1. Ben Adjei NEVER took any monies from any justify player
2. Justify started way back during Papic”s time.
3. Justify players were not brought by Akanbi and myself. As we all do including supporters people come to you claiming they are good. What we do is to let them go to the coach and justify. There is nothing wrong with it provided the ultimate decision rests with the coach.
4. Durng this round of jusify. We had players introduced by supporters . Old players, cheifs and some NCC members. For example we had players from Techiman introduced by one of our former players – Surag Musah. We had players from Koforidua who were introduced to Togbe.
I can confirm to you that under our current arrangements. No player can be registered WITHOUT A WRITTEN AUTORISATION from the head coach.
It is important we understand the modern trend in football management worldwide about the process of player acquisition. It can never be left to any one particular person- even the head coach alone because of transparency concerns.
Not even Pep Guardiola alone CAN ask for a player to be registered. There is a director of football and a technical committee.
I will plead that we are all trying to build the club as a family so lets stick together.
Credit Ishmael Yussif
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