30. Richard Attah : He was arguably the man of the match. After earlier stopping the penalty, he didn’t put a foot wrong. He seemed to have taken our earlier criticisms in his strides. Ratings(8.5/10.0)

2. Fatawu Mohammed : A real captain’s game. Lots of good forward runs. This time his crosses were piercing and penetrative. He seemed to have run out of gas as the game wore on.Ratings(7.0/10.0)

26. Raddy Ovouka : He had some anxious moments in the game, but put up a good shift at the back. He could do better with his finishing. Ratings(7.0/10.0)

15. Mohammed Alhassan : Solid solid performance to tame Kwame Opoku all afternoon. It reminded everybody of that Coleman – Bekoe, war some years back. Rating(7.5/10.0)

23. Nuru Sulley : He gave away the penalty at the early stages of the match. Although he grew in confidence as the game wore on, he was sometimes caught out of position. Rating(6.5/10)

8. Benjamin Afutu : He really combined very well with his colleagues to dominate the midfield. A real bundle of energy. Ratings(7.5/10.0)

5.Frederick Ansah Botchwey : What a game FAB had. His talent really shone bright on the day. The midfielder made a number of forward and penetrative passes that should have been converted. Ratings :(8.0/10.0)

27.Abdul Manaf Umar: Another impressive showing by boy wonder. He should have at least belonged to a winning team on the day. Ratings(8.0/10.0)

17. Patrick Razak : Oh mine when would Patrick get his final product right? He seemed to be wasting some of his hugely enormous potential on unnecessary ball joggling. He was a real menace for the opposition defenders, skipping past his markers severally. Ratings (7.5/10.0)

13. Obeng Junior : It seems this youngster lacks in concentration and confidence. He is very talented and needs to up his game. Poor game. Ratings :5.0/10.0)

3.Victor Aidoo : He has experienced a lot of good games. He couldn’t get much going for him this time. Seems he was overtaken by the occasion of the El clasico. Ratings : (5.0/10.0)

21. Isaac Mensah : He got his spot right for the penalty, and replays showed that the opposition goalkeeper didnt even stand on the lines and had moved out before the kick was taken. The penalty should have been retaken .Ratings (5.0/10.0)

11. Michelle Sarpong : Not much time on the field to make things happen.
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