30. Richard Attah : The shot stopper was found in sixes and sevens all day. He couldn’t take charge of his goal posts. How he allowed that first goal for Dwarfs to beat him still beats imagination, considering it was his first posts that the ball passed. He himself was surprised that ball beat him, by his reaction to the goal.[Rating : 6.0/10.0]

25.Sumaila Larry : He showed why he deserves a constant run as the right back of the team as he put up an A rated performance. He should however watch out with some of his tackles that were a bit crunching.[Rating:7.0/10]

26. Raddy Ovouka : Another hardworking performance from the Congolese defender. What a way to save the team with an on the line clearance of the ball when Richard Attah was nowhere to be found. [Ratings:7.0/10]

15.Mohammed Alhassan : The captain of the day, needed to organise his defensive lines better. The central defensive pairing should have known each other better by now, since they have played together for a while. [Ratings : 6.5/10]

23. Nuru Sulley : His over confidence sometimes is his undoing. That attitude led to certain mistakes that made him lose balls to the opponents. [Ratings: 6.0/10]

8. Benjamin Afutu : He played the defenders midfielder role to perfection. He should however watch his concentration on the pitch of play. His mistake in the second half nearly caused the team.[Rating: 7.0/10]

27. Abdul Manaf : He run the show all afternoon with some delightful play. He covered every inch of grass on the pitch.[Rating: 7.5/10]

5. Frederick Botchwey : An average performance from the talented midfielder. More room for improvement. [Ratings: 6.0/10.0]

13.Kwadwo Obeng Junior : He played as if he wasn’t interested in the game. His lackadaisical attitude to the game should change in subsequent matches
[Ratings: 5.0/10]

17. Patrick Razak : Played as if he was possessed. He really impressed on the day, as if he had a point to prove. No wonder he was instrumental in all two penalties awarded the team. Unlucky not to have gotten at least a goal, when his cornerkick was heading straight into the net had the Dwarfs goalkeeper not acted fast. [Ratings : 8.0/10]

3. Victor Aidoo : He really showed why he was the leading striker for the team. His two penalties were all taken with a boom, that no goalkeeper in the world would have been able to stop them. He should have gotten his hatrick on the day. [Rating : 7.5/10]

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