22. Richmond Ayi : With his confidence level at the highest, it would take a hurricane to dislodge him from the number 1 spot. He did his credentials more good, considering the last time he visited the golden city park, he conceded 4 goals, although not in a Hearts of oak Jersey (Rating : 7.0/10)

2. Fatawu Mohammed : He has really come back to take his position in the team. His forays into the opponents half was always a delight to watch (Rating : 6.5/10)

26.Raddy Ovouka : The real Congo soldier soldiers on. What is missing is the end product to his game, since he has a lot of shots in his legs, he should be encouraged to shoot in the final third of the opponent (Rating : 7.5/10)

15.Mohammed Alhassan : He seems to be listening criticisms coming his way and correcting some mistakes he makes at the back. He has added this advantage of surging forward to help in attacks. Good performance (Ratings : 7.0/10)

23. Sulley Nuru : The partnership with Mohammed Alhassan is getting stronger and stronger. You don’t buy experience from the market. He saved a few sticķy situations.(Rating : 6.5/10)

6. William Dankyi : Another solid performance from him. Given the fact that this is the second time ever, he is playing the DM role in a competitive game. (Ratings : 6.5/10)

12.Dominic Eshun : Flashes of his old self, he needs more game time to restore his confidence. (Ratings : 5.0/10)

5.Frederick Ansah : He has the talent in him. He is a natural dribbler and should be encouraged to take on his opponents. (Ratings : 7.0/10)

3. Victor Aidoo : Not a very lucky day for the striker. He seemed to miss Manaf on the day. Went back to help the defence a couple of times. Good team player. (Ratings : 6.5/ 10)

18. Daniel Afriyie : Good show, he needs to add scoring to his game. He looked a bit confused in the opponents last third. (Ratings : 6.5/10)

8. Benjamin Afutu : Did a lot of work all afternoon. His stamina seems top notch. He never seemed bothered by contract extension talks impasse. Real professional.(Ratings : 7.0/10)

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