It seems Eugene Adu Poku of Oyerepa carried just his physical presence to Oyerepa fm and left the rest of what made him a perceived progressive and development journalist at Kessben fm .

I sincerely believe so .He was overrated and now badly exposed in defects as opposed to popular acclamation. Guy has lost it .

Should I also hasten to state that , perhaps we judged and credited him with decorum and maturity by the stakes and standard at Kessben fm. I think so .

You see,it is not the business of any sensible and matured journalist to intermeddle in rivalry between two clubs .

Allow that .We know how to sort ourselves out on that square as supporters .Don’t steal our only source of pride as supporters by overreaching into our debates .

In fact the primary aim of every journalist,albeit your love for one of the rivals , is to promote sports development and make your living out of it .

You gain nothing as a sports journalist if any of the teams disfunction.

Good journalist benchmark .Peer benchmarking not sensationalism and unsolicited digressions.

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