Open Letter From Concern Supporters Of Hearts of oak To Oyerepa Fm And Oboy Gyibo

I don’t know what you seek to achieve with your UNPROFESSIONAL agenda of giving your platform to an ‘Expert’ in prefab, I suppose a learned engineer, or a common laborer at a prefab company to undermine the good project of ACCRA HEARTS OF OAK.

Not only did he undermine the project, but insult the intelligence of The Great King, Togbe Afede, The board Chairman and his able board.

Instead of contacting the club for information about the project, you decide to call an ‘expert’ who is yet to feel the texture of the materials being used yet classify it as inferior.

Another ‘Expert’ also calls in to say the opposite, suggesting the materials being used is of good quality yet your analysts in your studio decide to go with the one who undermines the project. Where is your credibility?

Karma do exist. One day, someone will also undermine your good work and you’d know how it feels!!!!

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  1. Is just some of the sports media men hate to the name ACCRA HEARTS OF OAK and they prefer giving the team another name and different meanings, they should remember WHAT GOES ROUND STILL COMES ROUND. Thanks.


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