Manaf Fires Back : Hearts of oak playmaker Abdul Manaf Umar Jn has replied Elmina Sharks by telling the Phobia fans that their Monday Kenkey would be intact and they would still eat their favourite ga meal. Manaf says he feels a sense of togetherness and bond among the players which has been missing for a while now.

It has also been good to have more time to prepare in between the Bechem match and Elmina Sharks match since it has helped us to perfect some new strategies that Coach Kosta Papic Panic and his able backroom staff are trying to teach the team. So come what may I want to assure all Phobians we would come back to Accra with all 3 points Isha Allah. “What the team ask for is the unflinching support of the fans, please if you want to come to Elmina come in your Phobian colours, since when we see those colours we get extra motivation to die for the Phobian cause”. Phoooooobiaaaa

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