I will be very glad if we are to focus on the FA Cup. more than the Premier League because winning the Ghana Premier League, you have to be more consistent so I will plead with all phooobias to lower their, expectations for this year’s Premier League we will be very happy if we are to win this league. but my greatest fear is that we may not likely win it because our level of consistency can’t win us League but we can try hard to win the FA Cup that is where we can build our confidence and also serve as stepping stone to the next level. and continue from there
By then we have found our rhythm, on how to play, on how to counter and on how, to build up Play. Thanks to you all very much and i hope we see this as a message to all phobia fans out there. So i will like to beg the board and management to consider this idea too

Beat boss otega🎼🎹


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