The Role of a Supporters

When your team are playing good football, winning matches, and winning trophies, there is no great need for the players to search for that extra bit of confidence from their supporters to win a match that comes from fans cheering their hearts out.

It is a good feeling to have your supporters singing your team song in complete unison around the whole stadium when you are 3-0 up with five minutes to end the game, but it’s not a necessity.

I believe we the supporters has a very important role in the team. Their contribution of singing to the action on the pitch can, at times, be just as important as a star player in the team producing a piece of magic that could turn a match in their favour.

When one of your players is not having his day or playing badly, show the opposition players and supporters that he is not a weak link, don’t use some kind of words to him or don’t segregate him from the pack and single him out for the opposition to exploit.

A team needs their supporters when they are losing a game and a player needs his/her supporters when he/she is playing badly, that is when they need the supporters to cheering them up and give them some confidence and belief from their own fans.

Your team needs your support when things are not going on well or on the floor, not when they are riding high.

In my eyes, negativity breeds negativity, just like confidence breeds confidence


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