Good evening lovely People, trust we are doing well by Gods grace.
I want to use this platform to thank all of you for your support since I join this great club.
Yes I know what it entails to wear the rainbow 🌈 colors of this noble club and like I said before am here to help the club win trophies. I always give my πŸ’― for the club and my team mates can attest to that. But football is full of surprises…
I also want plead with the fans to excise patience and I know with time things will fall in place! Please the name ATTAH is a family NAME and want plead with those who come to my dm to insult me, some go the extent of raining insulting on my family, some even end up insulting my late father. Please blame me, criticize me as much as you want but please leave my family out of itπŸ™πŸΎ

#Trust The Process πŸ™πŸ™
#support your own


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