It’s about time Accra Hearts Of Oak Management Think Twice Again, by Danny

We all know none of our midfielders is consistent in the team for the past few years than Benjamin Afutu, This is a very good player , energetic and has a good height as well.

In the past few weeks the player has not been a regular starter for Hearts Of Oak and it’s is clear the team need his presence on the pitch , hearts lack a very good tackler infront of their backline to block long range shots and win tackles before it reach the final defensive backline and no one does that better than Afutu Benjamin in the team because he has good height for air ball and 50 / 50 balls in the air .

The players absence in the team offlate is not performance or tactical reasons but contractual issues with the leaders of the club ,there is a bit of truth in every rumor, you may agree or disagree .

My Question are;
1.Do we need Afutu or he must go
2.Are we building a consistent team to compete in Africa
3.Why does this things occurs repeatedly when we need their services .
4. Or we should allow the coach to do his work..

Your Guess Is As Good As Mine …

Phobia Masters🌈
Never Say Die 🌈
Thank You Am Danny(21)


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