The new league season is three weeks old and our beloved Hearts of Oak has played two games.

In the wake of the two games played, there have been rumours of changes to the Technical Team and the imminent departure of our Chief Executive Officer.

Typically, these stories generate a lot of heated debate amongst Phobians and with the advent of social media, so much is being said.

Whilst it is perfectly natural to engage in debate, I would, respectfully, ask that Phobians do well to maintain the highest levels of respect for each other and for the club’s Leadership. We may disagree, yes, but for the sake of the club’s image, I make this appeal to all Phobians: Let’s remain united even as we engage in vigorous debate, always remembering that there is ONLY ONE GLORIOUS ACCRA HEARTS OF OAK AND WE ARE ALL ONE BIG FAMILY!!!!

official mouthpiece for strong hearts


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