We need to do a whole lot for our players .

What players go through as hearts of oak players is sometimes very worrying .

Players leave and their career blossoms .
The other time ,I denied the Glowlamp hostilities and problems our players went through during their preseason, but sadly ,the report i chanced on goes to emphasize the players actually had serious nightmares. during their stay at the academy. This is very disturbing

Very difficult playing for hearts of oak currently and the earlier we upped the game the better .

Kotoko are getting it right bit by bit and that , until we stop our endless attempt to see the rights of Kotoko in our wrongs we will remain stagnated .

Player welfare and motivation must be key and for that ,we as supporters leaders need to get our board and management to put our dear club up there .
The unnecessary social media rantings ,plaudits and attacks on journalists who use their time and energy to bring the rots in our team must equally be halted with passion .
I mean little things …..


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