The ardour Some fans use to criticize our management is quite preposterous which sometimes baffles me.
Majority of Hearts fans castigate and lambast the management with some kind of cynical energy which I would be pleased if we use this kind of ardour to purchase a policy from Star Insurance or buy a Jersey to succor the club financially.

Surprisingly, when these deals are being abrogated for mirage of reasons, these same fans will throw shades at the management and even tag them with incompetency.

Let’s be honest and ask ourselves these questions:

How many of us have had a feel of how Adonko Next Level tastes?
And to those who drive, how many of us do buy from Goil?
How many of us have registered at least a policy with Star Insurance?
Mostly, we sell our internal problems to these sports presenters and later comeback again and lambast our management of things we are responsible of.

Please, let us come together and do the needful because we are here for a common goal.


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