We must also understand that this is what we witnessed last season, we struggled to win at home with many clubs even against this same Ashgold, we squandered numerous scoring opportunities just like yesterday.

Besides everything shows clear that some of the players are not ready to sacrifice for the club, looking at how Afutu and Ansah played tells you why he still don’t want to renew his contract with our team and the disciplinary aspects of this two players too are questionable which Ansah demonstrated towards the head coach after his substitution.

The coach stretched his hand on the line to shake him but angrily snubbed the coach, this attitudes does not make a good team. Some of us watch games with our four eyes to analyze it well after each game.


  1. I also witnessed that and the players should know better, this around the fans will not channel our anger on management but rather the players if they fail to live upto the billing.


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