People didn’t understand me when I said our match against Ashgold should have been postponed.

The team was bad but I think what these boys have been through over the last month is very disturbing and can kill many a player’s work rate .

Remember they were dumped in that “jungle” called academy ,got bitten by mosquitoes and enjoyed some bad meals .

Then came that Covid19 brouhaha,had to be shuttled to capecoast ,then to Dormaa and to capecoast back to Accra .

The post Covid19 trauma and shuttling in bus to and from is enough to get you unfit for a season opener against a bogey side that has had it’s first competitive game .

They should have had more time ,got psyched to recuperate from all those things

Not a bad results entirely ……..against inter Allies we are sure to get it done.


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